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Our mission is to provide trainees professional, practical and positive learning experiences to make them competent in global job market


Alliance Institute of Management Services P. Ltd, abbreviated as AIMS, was founded in 2014 to foster, cultivate and contribute to the development of an organization as a whole and career aspirant individual through providing training and development services. The essence of the establishment of AIMS can be explained from two different perspective – Organizational perspective and Individual perspective.

Organizational Perspective – Our fundamental principle is that human resources are the valuable assets of any organization, be it government organization, corporate houses, or non-profit organization. To face the new challenges on the fronts of knowledge, technology and changing trends in global economy needs skilled human resources. On the contrary, many Nepalese organization take their human resources as cost center but in the global market HR has evolved from a cost center to profit center. An organization should know well developed employee is a profitable employee. Hence employee development through training program is crucial in driving company growth and profitability. Training in the  continuously changing global business environment equips employee with the knowledge and capability to stay on the top of the industry, leading to better productivity. Training and development program is continuous process because competent employee don’t remain competent forever. Skills deteriorate and can become obsolete with the time and development of new technology and new skills need to be learned. Thus ‘AIMS’ emerged to help the organization by eliminating the skill deficiency by providing quality training and development program using the cutting edge technology by the practitioners/trainers having years of experience and expertise in the related field.  

Individual Perspective – Many recruiters in Nepal says there are many job vacancies and there are almost ten times more applicant, but we can’t hire them. The only reason is career aspirants are not equipped with set of skills, technical knowledge and soft skills demanded by the job specification. Students have bookish knowledge but they are far away from the ground reality. In Nepal, even good colleges are failing to provide practical education demanded by the job market. The outdated syllabus and teaching methodology are the main reasons students’ not getting competitive advantage even in Nepalese job market. Thus, we provide them employability skills to the students that they didn’t get in the college degree and prepare them for the job market using the latest methodology like real case studies, role playing, management games, audio visual presentation, seminar & workshops, simulation etc so they can enter into the job marketing with confidence.

Exceeding Expectation

We are always dedicated to exceed the expectation of our clients in every service we provide. We put ourselves between the problem and solution as bridge.

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