Professional Accounting & Taxation

1. Course Overview

This course is to designed to produce the quality accountant and tax operator for entrepreneurs, and business houses. This course covers all the topics that need to be learned to be an accountant.

2. Course Content


ü  Fundamental of accounting

ü  Rules of debit and credit,

ü  Type of Business

ü  Recording, summarizing, and handling of accounting transaction

ü  Preparation of voucher, journal and ledger posting. 

ü  Preparation of sales book, purchase book, cash book, bank book, and another subsidiary book

ü  Accounting for bank transaction and preparation of bank reconciliation statement

ü  Transaction of fixed assets and depreciation


ü  Inventories Recording, Valuation and accounting.

ü  Financial Statement: Preparation and presentation of financial statements like Balance Sheet, Income Statement, and Cash flow Statement

ü  Letter of Credit (LC), Bank Guarantee, Advance Payment (All Transaction of Import and Export through Bank)

ü  More insight into Landed Cost and Stock Valuation

ü  Preparation of Adjustment Entries

ü  Notes of Account

ü  Changes in Equity 


 ü  Updated knowledge about Income Tax, Remuneration Tax, Rent Tax, VAT & TDS

 ü  Maintaining of VAT Book 

 ü  Filling E-Returns and Payment

 ü  Payment of VAT and VAT Return Claim  

 ü  Tax Calculation

 ü  Tax exemption and many more 



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